Joshua Tree

Our location and natural environment are two of our great strengths. We must protect and preserve the terrain and natural amenities with which we are blessed. We shall strive to intelligently manage our resources for habitat preservation, recreation opportunities, resource extraction, alternative energy, future growth, water quality, and air quality all within a regulatory framework that does not impede the creation of a sustainable economy.

We have the opportunity to improve our regions self-reliance in meeting the needs of our own population, utilizing alternative and renewable energy sources; enhancing water management; encouraging green manufacturing; rewarding sustainable building, and conserving natural resources – all leading to a healthy population with a high quality of life.


  • Create an inventory of best practices of land use processing used by permitting and regulatory agencies
  • Develop countywide habitat preservation/conservation strategy that builds upon and links existing species-specific habitat conservation plans and mitigation land banks
  • Continue discussions regarding collaboration to other topics, such as clean energy/clean transporation and benefit to the environment of creating more local jobs