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The San Bernardino County economy is an integral part of the overall Southern California economy – as the region goes, so do we. Our base of economic activity is as broad and diverse as our geographically vast and varied county – from mining to the military, from transportation to technology and from construction to recreation. We have a history of success upon which we can build our future.

Our twin priorities of improving the overall economic performance of the region and growing an economy that is in alignment with our workforce are highly complementary. Our charge is to produce an educated workforce leading to job development, taking advantage of career opportunities in a variety of professions, including green industries (environmental and alternative energy), transportation and logistics, technology, medicine, tourism, and our historic strength in construction. We will also highlight our institutions of higher education while pursuing other high-paying sectors, which will position San Bernardino County to compete nationally and internationally as the global economy recovers.


  • Establish San Bernardino County as a model in the state where government agencies are truly business-friendly.
  • Advance the expansion and attraction of, and workforce training efforts for, the industry sectors most likely to generate jobs for our county.
  • Develop the next generation of business and community leaders.

Building Industry Association Baldy View Chapter – Best Practices

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