View of Rock Mountain with Water

Water is one of our greatest natural resources.

We are developing a comprehensive countywide strategy for water management that encourages collaboration among business, residents, municipal governments, and water agencies that will address multiple watersheds and water agencies, build institutional and organizational capacity for future countywide planning efforts, and create mutually beneficial investment opportunities to ensure adequate water supplies and quality to support future population and economic growth within the County.

The water needs of County residents and businesses can be met through 2035, but only if water users step up conservation efforts and the whole community is willing to invest in projects that will store and protect additional water supplies.


  • Develop a forum for water districts across watersheds with the County as the convener
  • Create a water inventory and agree on a plan for cooperative agreements to share water resources between agencies
  • Establish a vehicle for external collaborative discussion with city managers, land use planners, transportation planners and local elected officials